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Bookkeeping and accountancy services

Keeping your books in order can be complex and time consuming. By employing our team you can concentrate on the important aspects of your business.

We offer a full range of services, including payroll administration, VAT returns, bank reconciliations, credit control, cashflow forecasting and profit and loss reports. You can provide us with all the necessary documents or we can even work from your offices.

We will ensure you are compliant with all the relevant regulations and meet deadlines for submitting documents. At all times we will provide you with a professional service, as well as offering support and advice.

Corporation Tax

Working out your corporation tax liabilities can be a complex procedure. We can take the administrative pressure away and deal with all you tax submissions, as well as working to reduce your tax burden through effective tax planning.

Tax Structure

Some businesses might be paying more corporation tax than they should be simply because they are not fully aware of the importance of tax planning. The rate of corporation tax is reduced for smaller companies and there is a marginal rate relief for medium-sized businesses whose profits are above this limit. We will work with your business to look at your current tax structure and try to minimise your exposure to corporate tax.

Tax Relief

There are a number of tax relief avenues open to businesses that you may not be aware of. Allocating these into the right financial year can significantly reduce your tax liabilities. We can review your tax structure and decide on the most beneficial approach for your business. We will check that you're taking advantage of all available relief schemes. This could include research and development tax relief, which can be as much as 75% of the eligible costs. Certain charity donations are also entitled to tax relief and making these at the right time could have a positive effect on the rate of corporate tax you pay.

Buying and Selling Assets

When you buy certain assets the money you spend is eligible for tax relief, reducing the amount of corporation tax you pay. If you can time these purchases right it's possible to limit your liabilities. There is also the option to sell assets that will make a loss, which will also bring down the cost of your tax bill.

On-time Submissions

There are strict deadlines and reporting requirements involved in corporation tax. The corporation tax self-assessment process means that businesses are responsible for calculating their own tax liabilities. We can take care of all these calculations, submit accurate files before the deadline, deal with any queries from HMRC and ensure that your payments are made on time.

Audits and assurance services

In some instances businesses are legally required to have an audit carried out. However, they can also be beneficial in other circumstances, especially if you are seeking funding from a bank or investor. Our experienced and independent auditors will carry out a full assessment of the business and uncover any irregularities. Our audits don't just cover financial systems and records. We also go deeper and look at safety, security, information systems and environmental matters.